Composer-performer spanning live electronics, free improvisation, noise, electroacoustics, and Arabic musics.



MazaJ Festival of Experimental Middle Eastern Music:
Recalibrating Middle Eastern sonic cultures

18-21 November 2010, Cafe Oto, London

A celebration of contemporary and experimental Arabic music and Middle Eastern sonic cultures, with a selection of contemporary composers, live musicians, leading electronic producers, and sound installation artists from the Middle East and its resonant diasporas. The festival was co-produced by Sound and Music (SAM) and Zenith Foundation, with The Wire magazine as media partner.

Seth Ayyaz (UK), Mazen Kerbaj (Lebanon), Hassan Khan (Egypt), Mutamassik (Egypt / USA), Mahmoud Refat (Egypt), Sharif Sehnaoui (Lebanon), Michael Zerang (USA)

Quick overview of the festival and talks:


Volatile Frequencies:
Topologies of Authority, Technology and Production in Contemporary Middle Eastern Music Practices

18 November 2010, City University, London

This was a one-day conference and concert at City University London, which was supported by City University London, Zenith Foundation, and LCACE (London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange). The aim of the conference was to collate research that translates, mediates and frames practices specific to sonic disciplines (music, sound art, musicology) arising in relation to the Middle East and North Africa, and to critically connect with wider academic currents.

Speakers included:
Thomas Burkhalter, Kay Dickinson, John Hutnyk, Ziad Nawfal, Tony Herrington, John Kieffer

INCIDENCE by Hassan Khan
(stereo, 40 minutes)

Makharej by Seth Ayyaz (feat. Amira Ghazalla)
(multi-channel, live electronics and voice, 20 minutes)

Sonic Traces of the Arab World by Norient (feat. Mazen Kerbaj and Sharif Sehnaoui)
(multi-media, trumpet, objects, guitar, live electronics, 40 minutes)